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At Coachman we want to help you make the most of the ownership of your caravan. That’s why we’ve put together some answers to your frequently asked questions. Check the topics below as a guide and if you can't find what you're looking for, send us your question or use our help request form.



Where can I obtain your latest brochure?

Our latest brochure is available from all Coachman dealers or you can view and download a copy in the Downloads section on this website. You can also request a brochure if you would like us to send you our latest copy.

Can I come to the factory to purchase a Coachman caravan direct?

Our caravans are only available through our dealer network. You can click here to find your nearest dealer.

Where is my nearest dealer?

You can click here to find your nearest dealer.

Where can I view the latest Coachman models?

The find a dealer section on our website will show which ranges and models are available to view at each dealership. You will need to contact the dealer directly to find out if they have a particular model in stock, or on order.

Can I change the upholstery scheme?

Yes, any of the other standard schemes can be specified for an additional cost. See our current price list for details.

Where do I find my serial/chassis number?

The serial/chassis number can be found under the A Frame cover, stamped onto the chassis itself. The serial/chassis number is also etched on all caravan windows from 1992 onwards.

Does my alarm (where fitted) have a tilt sensor?

Yes, all Coachman factory fitted alarms are remote control and have PIR and tilt sensors for added security (the fob also controls the awning light).

What is ATC?

ATC (Active Trailer Control) monitors for instability, making every journey you take safer and more controlled. When a critical situation occurs, ATC (Active Trailer Control) sensitively acts to bring the caravan under control.

Does my caravan have a warranty?

Please refer to your Owners Handbook or Service, Warranty and Technical Data Manual for full warranty details.

I have a problem with my caravan, who can help me?

We would always recommend that you first contact your supplying dealer in order that an inspection can be carried out and the necessary course of action agreed. If this is not convenient you may alternatively contact your local Coachman dealer or NCC Approved Service Centre, and ask them to undertake the inspection and recommend a course of action.

How does my warranty work?

Coachman Caravans are unable to accept or authorise claims directly from customers, instead all warranty claims must in the first instance be placed with your supplying Coachman dealer. We will assess the claim and liaise directly with the approved repairer / dealer. For full warranty details look in your Service, Warranty and Technical Data Manual.

Who can carry out warranty work on my caravan?

Your supplying dealer is obliged to undertake your warranty work providing they are currently approved. However, any Coachman dealer or NCC Approved Service Centre can undertake the work, but this is at their discretion.

Is the warranty transferable to subsequent owners?

Please refer to your Service, Warranty and Technical Data Manual for full warranty details.

Can I extend the warranty of my caravan?

Coachman Caravan Company’s warranty cannot be extended, but some dealers offer comprehensive packages and these are sold as an insurance backed policy. Please consult your supplying dealer.

I am having trouble booking my caravan for its service, in line with the warranty requirements.

Please refer to the servicing section in your Owners Handbook or Service Warranty and Technical Data Manual for full warranty details.

Can I take my Coachman caravan for an annual service to another dealer or service centre?

Customers can take their Coachman caravan to any Coachman dealer or NCC Approved Service Centre providing that the dealer or service centre agrees to do this work.

Does my caravan need to be serviced every year?

In order to protect your investment and to comply with the warranty conditions, you must have your caravan serviced annually by a Coachman dealer or NCC Approved Service Centre. We strongly recommend that you continue to have your caravan professionally serviced, even after the warranty has expired.

Can I fit accessories to my Coachman caravan?

Coachman Caravans are aware of the numerous accessories available for fitment onto our models, and we try to cater for as many of these as possible. However, due to the countless products available we are unable to test and approve accessory products, and therefore, are not able to comment on whether the device is suitable for use on our products. We suggest that your question be directed to either the installer or manufacturer of the after-market accessory.

What size awnings will fit my van?

This can be found in your Service, Warranty and Technical Data Manual or the Technical Specifications section within your range on the Coachman website.

Can I fit a bicycle rack to my Coachman caravan?

Unfortunately it is not possible to fit a bicycle rack to any of our models.

I have ordered a part for my caravan, how long will it take to arrive?

Coachman Caravans quote a maximum of 6 weeks for a spare part to be sent to your dealer, and we are constantly trying to improve this lead time.

The actual lead time depends on a number of factors: The manufacturer of the part, the location of the part and whether we hold any stock of the part. A current season part, in stock will be delivered to your dealer in a matter of weeks, whereas a specially ordered one-off part may take slightly longer.

Please be aware that dealers may not order the part against your specific chassis number, so if you are contacting us with a request for a lead time, please obtain the order number from your dealer, and quote this number when contacting us.

Note: We are not able to send parts to anyone other than the Coachman dealer or authorised repairer.

What do MRO, MTPLM and User Payload mean?

MRO (formerly MIRO) stands for Mass in Running Order, this is effectively the weight of the caravan or motorhome as it leaves the factory with no additions e.g. gas bottles.

MTPLM stands for the Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass (pre-1998 this was known as MGW maximum gross weight) this is the maximum weight a leisure vehicle can weigh inclusive of the user payload.

User Payload: If you take the MTPLM minus the MRO this will give you your user payload. This is the maximum weight that can be put inside your leisure vehicle when towing it or driving it.

Can I increase the MTPLM of my caravan?

Weight plate upgrades are available on the majority of current models and are a cost option.

What cars are suitable for towing a particular caravan?

Your retailer can offer you advice on suitable towing vehicles at the time of placing your order, or alternatively, you can use the Towsafe website which has comprehensive information on the subject.

What, if any, special equipment is needed on my car by law, to tow a caravan?

There are a number of organisations that offer a wealth of information including:

  • The NCC
  • The Camping and Caravanning Club

How do I check if my caravan stability issues are related to my tow car?

The most common issue relating to the instability of a caravan while being towed is an incorrect nose weight for the outfit or the incorrect position of the vehicle towball.

On the assumption the vehicle nose weight is correct for the outfit, the vehicle towball height should be checked. The correct height of your vehicle towball is 350mm – 420mm vertical height from the ground, with the vehicle loaded, but without the caravan attached.

What is the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle?

The tyre pressure, for your vehicle, can be found in the Service, Warranty and Technical Data Manual which was supplied with your vehicle, you will find your quoted tyre pressure at the MTPLM.

How often should I change the tyres on my caravan?

The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association advise that caravan tyres should ideally be replaced after 5 years of service and never used when more than 7 years old. However, tyres which are damaged or worn to the legal minimum tread depth must be replaced immediately. For more information download the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s guide.